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It ended with a great success the 2016 edition of the Historical Re-enactment of Christ's Passion.
A difficult edition.
Difficult because the new board has taken the responsibility to make a series of small and large transformations in the Show that required a lot of effort and above all great courage.
Particularly appreciated the scene in Umberto I° square, which has contributed greatly to "launch" the parade and to drag the audience into the story.
Also good success in the scenes where the small and large new tricks devised by the director, Mr. Barbieri, have given new shine to the beautiful scenes, in which it is not easy to make changes.

Now, as noted by the President Locardi at the end of the event, it has to take a breather for a few days, and then start to work on the 2017 edition, to make further improvements and fine-tune small details of the renewed Passion Play of Grassina

The CAT non-profit organization would like to thank those who worked to the realization of the event: The Polizia Municipale, the Carabinieri, the National Association Carabinieri, the various public assistance from the district of Florence, civil protection, the entire population of Grassina and surely, all participants, who have done a magnificent job.

A Special thank to the Pedretti's Family.
That, from many years, offers all the necessary space for the realization of this fantastic show that is the Historical Reenactment of Christ's life and Passion in Grassina.


See you in 2017!